Everything to Know About Roulette Table Layout and Chips

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Everything is easy when you place bets on roulette in PlayAmo Canada. But the game becomes much harder when you play at land-based casinos. Except for game rules, it’s essential to learn more about roulette table layout and chips.

Roulette Table Layout

The playing field on the roulette table – the layout of bets – is the most important part, which occupies most of the table. It consists of a table top, covered with cloth and marked on it the layout of bets. The board of the playing field can be upholstered with soft material.

Clothes for professional gaming tables in casinos are made especially for casinos. It has a high density, good durability, has water-repellent properties so that spilled whiskey does not penetrate under the cloth.

The classic version of the playing field is a green cloth, but gaming equipment manufacturers can produce black, blue, purple and red.

The layout of the playing field on the table in American and European roulette are different. First, in American roulette, there is a double zero. Second, the numbers on the American roulette table are marked in black and red rectangles (ovals) corresponding to the wheel, while in European roulette, the numbers on the table are usually marked only in white. Or there is another variant of marking when the numbers themselves are red or black, while the marking lines are white or yellow. In European roulette on the playing field can be marked with a special track for verbal betting.

Roulette Chips

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Roulette chips are tokens for casino games, the equivalent of money. Chips are made of durable plastic or ceramic material. Standard diameter is 39 mm. The weight of the chips depends on the materials of which they were made. For casinos, durable chips are made of ceramic or composite materials. In home games, you can use cheap ones made of modified plastic.

Since chips are the money of the casino, the manufacture of chips uses modern technologies with anti-counterfeiting: ultraviolet tags, microchips.

The chips on the roulette table are sorted by color in columns and are placed around the wheel or in their allotted space on the side of the wheel. Some of the chips are in the roulette fleet.

Historically, colored chips with no denomination were used for roulette, unlike casino card games. Each player had his own color (white, yellow, blue, green, red, and so on) so as not to confuse the bets of neighboring players.

The player buys chips from the dealer and agrees on their value. The dealer makes the appropriate markings so that the chips acquire a certain monetary equivalent. Sometimes each player’s marked chip is placed on the rim of the roulette wheel to avoid misunderstandings during the game.

American Roulette Chips

It is also customary to use special colored chips for American Roulette. They are the same diameter, but much lighter, which gives the chipper an advantage in the game – it is faster to collect them from the table by hand.

American Roulette chips can be purchased from the dealer at the table. They are located at a special stand, where each color of chips has its own slot. Chipper space can be fenced off with a wooden or plastic partition.

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