The Most Popular Strategies on Slot Gambling

Anabelle Povey

While playing at CasinoChan online casino, users always try to create different strategies for increasing their winnings. And these are the methods used among slot gamblers. 

10 Spins

This is one of the simplest strategies that is suitable for both online slot machines and land slot machines.

The essence of “10 Spins” is as follows: if after 10 spins, your bank was less than the initial, you need to increase the bet and make another 10 spins in a short-term attempt to win back.

If after the first 10 spins, you were in the plus, you can safely move on to another slot machine.

As those who use this method assure, the slot “gives” or at the very beginning, or leaves you without a prize at all.

Raising the Bet on the Bonus Round

This is a well-known trick that allows you to get extra profits on the so-called bonus rounds.

The implementation of this strategy is quite simple: start the game with the minimum bets and continue until the prize combination.

Then gradually raise the bet over the next 5-10 spins and wait for the bonus round at your maximum allowable bet.

Thus, the player can reach the last free spin, bonus round or prize game with a higher bet and, accordingly, get more winnings.

The Pyramid

According to this strategy, the player, regardless of losing or winning, must go from his minimum bet to the maximum, and then vice versa.

This conditional pyramid allows you to test the slot machine in different betting ranges and check how it reacts to changes in your mandatory payment.

The reason for this strategy is that some players believe that low stakes have a higher chance of winning, while another part, on the contrary, advises to increase the stakes to win.

This strategy goes against one of the most popular gaming systems, also called “Martingale system”, the essence of which is to double the bet in case of loss.

Win-win, Lose-lose

Slot Strategies

Judging by the name of this strategy, you can guess what its logic is.

Indeed, the algorithms of some machines can be repeated in certain cases. That is why experts advise to decrease bets after losing and increase them after winning.

This strategy is also called the “Parlay system” or the “anti-Martingale” system.

In some variations, professional players advise to return to the original bet after losing, and to increase it only after a winning round.

Money Management

Finally, here are a few rules for managing your own money, which any player who wants to finish the game with money and a good mood should know:

  • Allocate a certain amount to the game and do not exceed it.
  • Calculate the game time for yourself and also do not go beyond it.
  • Finish the game after reaching the winning cycle.
  • Do not neglect the minimum bets at the beginning and at the end of the game.
  • Avoid betting as much as possible, despite the winning cycle.

Remember that there is no universal method that will allow you to guarantee a victory in the slot machines.

Use only proven slot machines in legitimate land-based casinos and quality software in legal online casinos.

Before playing it is better to read the reviews of casino users and choose a particular strategy.

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